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eitle Terms and Conditions of Business

Version 2.0 from 2012-01-19

The conditions which were posted on the website from "Eitle Computer" (, are automaticaly accepted by the customer with any purchase or order.

The "eitle Terms and Conditions of Business" can be changed anytime without any advance notice by "alles Eitle".

"Eitle Computer" is very anxious, to do every job as best as possible. It is not our goal, to be the cheapest but to be one of the most dependable.

In service cases, which are thought to remove Malware (like Viruses, Trojans, Adware and so on), as well as service cases which shall diagnose unexplanable behavior, programs which are not supported by "Eitle Computer", or programs which are dangeros from our point of view, are removed without any comment.

Any software-firewall, Anti-Dialer or similar "security" systems which are not included in the operating system or supported by "Eitle Computer" are removed during the service and replaced with a security solution which is supported by "Eitle Computer".

"Eitle Computer" does not guarantee or warranty data or settings of any kind on the computer which is serviced or machines which are conneced to this computer. All settings and data have to be backed up before the service.

"Eitle Computer" also offers data recovery from harddisks, flashmemorys or similar storage media which were deleted or damaged. We cannot guarantee or warranty any success in data recovery actions however.

With January 1st, 2008 "Eitle Computer" does not do any goodwill work of any kind. The real work will be charged to the customer.

"Eitle Computer" does not help without charge by phone or remote control. Therefore new customers can only be served personally. Existing costumers can be served per phone or remote control and will be charged on there next regular invoice.

If we assert during a service, that a third party has attempted repairs on this machine, the additional work will be charged.